About Us


e·Opt was set up in late 2008, by a small group of energy industry professionals who had spent several years at the forefront of energy and technology. Based in one of the most innovative regions in Europe - Mannheim, e·Opt is a closely held company, and has its focus firmly in the energy space.

As our roots are in the energy industry, we are well aware of the pain-points of our peers in the industry. Together with our technology skills, we bring with us what is fairly rare in a technology company - a deep understanding of the business, and an ability to leverage what technology allows today, to identify and develop efficient solutions to fundamental everyday challenges.

Our Mission : On every effort aim for a WOW...!

Even today, a large part of the Energy industry relies on primitive tools to process and use 21st century data. In our opinion the advantages that should have accrued to the consumers, due to liberalization and competition, have been largely negated by the increase in the number of processes and the higher cost of operations.

Our aim with e·Opt has been to change that - make cutting edge tools and processes available to all sizes of energy players and allow them to compete on an equal footing. Our key objective is to help our customers improve their efficiency, increase their ROI and enable them to offer services that were not possible so far.

In midst of our hectic professional pursuits, we do not lose sight of our social obligations. e·Opt actively supports charities around the world, involved in child education, cancer research and sports.

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