Regulatory Reporting

  • EMIR Reporting
  • REMIT Reporting
  • Portfolio Reconciliation
  • Threshold Management

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting has emerged as a significant pain-point for Trading companies. Purely from an operational perspective, it has added complexity and an additional process stream, which requires a deep understanding of the reporting requirements, and also to be continuously in touch with the changes.

Although there is no doubt that it has helped bring in some transparency and discipline to the trading environment, there are nevertheless significant challenges in meeting the mandatory obligations, not least due to the following:

  • New Interfaces need to be built in ETRM and other related systems.

  • Specifications are continuously evolving and are open to interpretation.

  • Constant coordination needed amongst Counterparties.

  • An additional Non-Remunerative Function

Key Benefits

e·Comply has been built to support an environment where there are one or more ETRM systems managing trading in multiple commodities and instruments.

This data is further enriched automatically in e·Comply before being published to the agencies. The entire process from Submission to the final Acceptance is transparently monitored, and all the in-between steps are communicated to the users. Any failure or mismatch is highlighted with detailed background information.

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Automated Processing

Unattended data upload, enrichment, transformation and submission. Automatic polling and processing of responses.

Data Enrichment

Delayed and incorrect price curves. Risk of Incorrect Pricing and Valuation. High incidence of after-the-event rework.

Complete Control

Fine grained monitoring and oversight. Each process step recorded and available for review in depth. Actively notified on status.


Data model enables wide ranging Regulatory functions. Supports multiple Repositories and RRMs. Easy Migration in case of switch.


Source Data

Direct automated upload. No Transformation or Enrichment in source system required.


Custom or Standard UTI generation rules. Distribute or consume UTI with counterparties

On Behalf Reporting

Supports Third and Fourth Party Reporting as a Service. Complete data confidentiality.

Portfolio Reconciliation

Intuitive Trade Matching Algorithm. Detailed mismatch reports.

Threshold Management

Periodic generation of Monthly Exposure data. Alarm notifications and trade level drill-down capability.

Key Features

  • Logic based Data Enrichment via market data and mapping information.

  • Third and Fourth Party Reporting. Easy upload of external data via Excel/CSV/XML files.

  • Support for Reconciliation Failure Investigation & Correction

  • Automated Workflow using SFTP for Communicating with Repositories.

  • Direct Interfacing to several Repositories and RRMs

  • Flexible registration of Framework Agreements and corresponding Executions

  • Simple Rollback or Modification of Reported Trades.

  • Extensive Validation of Source data with feedback on any discrepancy or non-conformity.

  • Automatic identification and processing of Modified Trades.

  • Portfolio Reconciliation – Individual rules for Data Formats, time, tolerance and file naming logic.

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