Intraday Position Optimization and Trading

  • Optimize Intraday Power
  • Multiple Markets
  • Automated Trading
  • Time/Price Limited Orders

The Intraday Market offers great opportunities to balance positions closer to real time. It has opened an opportunity for Utilities to integrate intermittent supply from Renewable sources with trading strategies, to optimize Portfolios at the lowest granularity. However there are some challenges:

  • Multiple sources of position update – Customers, Generation, Sales, Wind/Solar. Impossible to keep track of and manage.

  • Equitable splitting of Executed trades and matching to corresponding Orders.

  • Interconnected systems require feedback regarding executions and prices.

  • Several manual steps involved in moving the Executions to the ETRM system.

Key Benefits

We have built e·Connect with an overview of these challenges and taken care of them keeping the Intraday Trader and his struggles in mind. e·Connect automatically receives Orders from multiple sources, including the internal ETRM systems, and provides the Trader with an intuitive Overview of the positions and prices. Orders received via e-Mail and ftp are processed automatically and are assigned a merit-order based on price, volume and timestamp. The system Optimizes all Orders internally before pushing the residual volumes to EPEX. Matching takes place within price limits assigned by the Customers and market prices.

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Online with EPEXSPOT

An integrated utility for managing all the aspects of Intraday position management. Optimization, Pricing, Trading and Balancing.

Integrated Interface

Strongly coupled to all position relevant sources - ETRM, Dispatch, Generation, Renewables, etc. Standardized communication.

Automated Processing

Real-time position aggregation, internal matching, ordering, execution, dispatch, and all in-between steps - totally hand-free.

Focussed Information

Complete Visibility within a fluid workflow. Time relevant information highlighted - minimal user information overload.



All European Intraday Markets managed by EPEXSPOT. 1h, ½h, ¼h

User Interface

User configurable layouts and settings. Alarms and Notifications for time sensitive actions.

Limit Orders

Time and/or price limited Customer Orders. Auto submission to Exchange on gate closure.

Day-ahead Auctions

Bid Ladder preparation, submission and processing of results for Day-ahead Auctions.


Numerous connectivity options for Customer Orders : s/FTP, API, e-Mail, manual, ETRM, etc.

Key Features

  • Interfaces to ETRM system for Open Positions.

  • Automatically validates and uploads Orders received via e-Mail, s/FTP, PriceHubBridge API.

  • Quick and easy registration of Voice Orders. Validation at each step.

  • Interfaces to several Third Party Generation Optimization and Forecasting systems.

  • Internal Matching of Orders. Delta positions submitted to Exchange.

  • Dashboard facilitates decision making by showing all information in an intuitive way.

  • Time triggered auto-submission of Orders. Manual supersession always possible.

  • Modify, Recall or Delete Orders either on e·Connect or on ComTrader. Simultaneous reflection on both terminals.

  • Bid Ladder preparation, submission and processing of results and disaggregation for Day-ahead Auctions.

  • Complete Audit trail and look-back facility.

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