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With customers increasingly demanding a wide range of services under one roof, it is extremely challenging for someone who still needs to employ manual processes, to compete in the market. To address this commonly faced problem, we have developed PriceHub Portal - a robust feature rich platform that supports your entire workflow, from forecasting to settlement.

It is a tool that transforms your relationship with your customers and helps you integrate them closely within your own eco-system. It allows energy companies to scale their customer portfolio without a proportionate increase in their manpower and costs. The Portal also allows you to offer the following value added services along with real-time market access.

  • Load Forecasting.

  • Pricing & Offer/Order Management.

  • Regulatory Reporting - REMIT, EMIR, etc.

  • Valuation and Risk Estimation.

  • Intraday Optimization and Trading.

  • Scheduling and Nomination.

  • Invoicing and Settlement.

  • Back Testing and Model recalibration.

Key Benefits

In addition to offering best-in-class solutions to your customers the Portal also improves your bottom-line by streamlining your processes, reducing costs and eliminating the need to build applications in-house, and managing them with internal resources. Some of the direct benefits include:

  • Cloud Delivered for maximum flexibility.

  • Grow your portfolio. Reduce Effort and Costs.

  • Offer Products and Services in demand.

  • Direct Market Access - Minimize time to respond.

  • Transparent Pricing and Ordering Process.

  • Eliminate Grey IT tools. Reduce Operational Risk.

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