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Enable Total Digitalization

The future of Energy Trading lies in an end-to-end digitalized environment. Utilities today have a variety of needs that mainstream ETRM Systems fail to fulfill. As a result key business processes involve working off spreadsheets, with little attention to model imperfections, and no risk oversight.

Our answer to that is PriceHub, a business led technology solution that helps companies transform their operations, end-to-end. At e·Opt we help Energy companies of all sizes make their processes more efficient and improve their ROI.

PriceHub : Supporting your Digital Transformation


Always available Market data fiber_manual_record Real-time or End of Day fiber_manual_record Forward Curves fiber_manual_record Customer Pricing Solutions fiber_manual_record Day-Ahead Forecasting and Intraday Trading fiber_manual_record Long term Demand Forecasting fiber_manual_record Pricing Flexibile Contracts

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Real-time market interfacing and Trade processing fiber_manual_record Just-in-time Prices and Forward Curves fiber_manual_record Intraday Order Stack data fiber_manual_record Market Price Alerts fiber_manual_record Short Term Demand Forecasting fiber_manual_record Supply/Demand Scenario Analysis

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Regulatory Reporting fiber_manual_record Risk Evaluation fiber_manual_record Customer Portals fiber_manual_record Enterprise wide Reporting fiber_manual_record M2M Valuation fiber_manual_record Balancing & Nomination fiber_manual_record Stress Testing fiber_manual_record Custom Reporting fiber_manual_record Event Notifications fiber_manual_record Multiple Interfacing options

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We deliver our solutions via our flagship product, PriceHub, which over the years has evolved as the answer to a variety of operational and modelling challenges. We have built PriceHub as a set of pluggable modules, which while being independent of each other, work seamlessly, when linked up together.

Our mantra is - Market Driven Development, Customer Focussed Delivery.

PriceHub addresses some critical areas within the Energy Sales & Trading space. We have a personalized and collaborative approach with our customers, and have a proven track record of addressing numerous challenging business problems for our customers. We take immense pride in the confidence our customers show in us.



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