Energy Pricing and Offer Management

  • Pricing Power & Gas
  • Demand Forecasting
  • End-to-End Automation
  • Just-in-Time Pricing
  • Direct Customer Interfaces

Any organization with Generation and/or Sales assets needs to price such contracts everyday, either for internal customers or against requests from the market. However, users often face challenges around:

  • Low Liquidity - organized markets trade only in Standard Products.

  • Imperfect processes and disconnected workflows.

  • Inefficient and weak pricing algorithms

  • Endless cut-paste and format conversions.

  • No unified searchable database of historic Offers and Orders.

  • Contracts are Individually Priced. Portfolio Effect is missing from the equation.

Key Benefits

With e·Price we solve all the above challenges, and many more. First, it provides a unified platform where the entire pricing and offer process is managed in a seamless controlled manner. Second, its pricing model gives fast and accurate results, allowing you to focus on the real business. Advanced algorithms calculate the various price components, like Structure Risk, Flexibility, Imbalance, Hedging costs, etc.

Further, e·Price allows you to price and offer to your customer, several exotic products like Flexibility, Tranches, SLPs, Indexed contracts, etc.

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Risk Based Pricing

Premium calculated on basis of Incremental Risk brought in by a new position. Value@Risk based computation.

Portfolio Effect

Pricing based on Global Portfolio position and aggregation of individual residual positions. Pricing reflects "real" risk scenario.

Automated Processing

Delayed and incorrect price curves. Risk of Incorrect Pricing and Valuation. High incidence of after-the-event rework.

Optimal Hedge Advice

Delayed and incorrect price curves. Risk of Incorrect Pricing and Valuation. High incidence of after-the-event rework.



DE (1h + ¼ h), UK (½ h), NL, FR, BE, AT, CH

Gas Markets

TTF, NCG (Hi/Lo Cal), Gaspool (Hi/Lo Cal),


Profile Classes

Standard Load Profiles, RLM, Composite Profiles.

User Defined, Residual Profiles, etc.

Load Forecasting

Regression, Fundamental, Stack Models.

Daily/Hourly Gas, Hourly/Qtr-Hourly Power.

Flexibile Contracts

Optimize Offtake, Calculate Premium

Monthly or Quarterly Min/Max Limits

Key Features

  • An Incremental Risk based Pricing Model

  • Offer Fixed, Index, Tranche, Limit Prices

  • Order in Vertical and Horizontal Tranches

  • Complete Workflow Automation : Minimal manual Intervention

  • Schedule Automated pricings

  • Revise prices and Update Offer on Market Price Changes.

  • Flexible regression based Load Forecasting functionality

  • Location and Temperature based Gas forecasting -

    Sigmoid and SigLinDE models

  • An Integrated Pricing Workflow built to mimic operational processes

  • A transparent Offer Management platform

  • Customer Web Interface for requesting Offers and Managing Responses

  • Detailed Hedge Advice based on Market Liquidity and lot size

  • Optimization and Pricing of Take or Pay Gas contracts.


Total Customer Digitalization

  • Your Own Marketplace
  • Grow your Portfolio
  • end-2-end Enablement
  • Unified Platform – Pricing and Offer Management

This is for you, if you are a Utility, a Trading company, a Generator or a large Energy consumer; essentially, someone who actively buys and sells energy. If you, like many others, face challenges around the following, then we have the right solution for you.

  • You employ many manual processes in your daily workflow.

  • Your systems limit the variety of products you are able to offer.

  • You would like to have a seamless Customer Service experience.

  • You still interact with your customers and partners via offline tools like spreadsheets, e-Mails, telephone, etc.

Our cloud delivered solution, e·PriceWeb, dramatically expands your ability to offer an unmatched level of service to your customers. It allows you to scale up your business without the proportionate increase in manpower and costs.

Your own White-labelled Portal

Build your own out-of-the-box portal, in your own corporate style and theme. Deliver real-time offers, eliminate manual offline tasks, and offer 360° visibility to your customers.

Expose your portal as a white-labelled solution for your customers to build their own market interfaces, with minimal effort and costs.

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