Delivery Options

We offer a choice of On-Premises, Hybrid or Cloud hosted solutions, each tailored to suit the individual preferences of our customers.


PriceHub can be installed locally in your data centre, and accessed via any of the popular Virtualization services, like Citrix VMware, Windows Terminal Services, etc. Alternately, it can also be installed on individual client machines. PriceHub Web applications can be accessed over a browser. All components are locally installed.

The Client has complete control over the environment and is responsible for infrastructure, security, installation, support, rolling out updates and carrying out all associated tasks. Costs towards licensing of OS, database and other applications are also born by the Client.


In situations where the Client would like to retain control over their data, but would like e·Opt to take care of the application and Support, we recommend a hybrid solution. Here PriceHub is installed on a public cloud, like Azure or AWS, and is maintained and supported by e·Opt, while the database is located in the Client's data centre. Secure connectivity between the two environments is provided via a VPN connection.

This option considerably reduces the infrastructure and maintenance costs, while improving the service quality and availability.


To have complete peace of mind, Clients opt for the pure Cloud option, where all infrastructure and applications, including data, reside in an e·Opt maintained cloud infrastructure in Azure or AWS. PriceHub's SaaS based model delivers high quality user experience via the RDWeb protocol.

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