Technologies & Interfacing

  • Scalable and Flexible
  • API Rich Framework
  • Seamless Interfacing
  • Cloud or On-Premise

PriceHub has been built using the optimal building blocks - robust systems and state of the art technology. Whether delivered over the cloud or installed on premise, PriceHub embraces all the benefits of new and emerging technologies, while maintaining architectural stability and consistency.

The PriceHub Framework has been designed to compliment the need to provide enterprise level reliability with the levels of performance and flexibility that business users today are accustomed to. The primary pillars of our architectural principles are:

  • Standardized Components. Consistent UX. Fluid Design

  • Business driven functionality. Continuous Engineering.

  • Open Standards based interfacing.

  • Scalable and agile. Evolves with market and customer needs.

  • Adhere to Product Line Architecture principles.

Key Features

PriceHub is a modular application with the various modules capable of being individually enabled. They share a common framework and functional layer that allows seamless exchange of data and functionality within the application. To support external intefacing, PriceHub has standards based APIs and to feed data to end-user computing tools, a function-rich MS Excel Add-in is also available. In addition, direct access to raw data can also be exposed via read-only Views at the database level



PriceHubBridge enables exposing the various PriceHub Modules as secure RESTful microservices. It allows third parties to design and build efficient interfaces with up/down-stream systems and integrate workflows across applications.

PriceHubBridge can be delivered as a stand-alone data service via our cloud platform.

  • Exposed as well documented Standards based Open API

  • Authentication - Basic, oAuth 2, OIDC

  • Bearer Authentication for service accounts

  • Secure HTTPS access using API Keys



The API can be integrated in any managed or unmanaged application like VB, Matlab, R, MS Excel etc or any .NET application, for Read/Write use. The library exposes raw data as well as aggregated data and functions for streamlining development of data intensive application.

Authentication is integrated within PriceHub licensing module.

  • Performant interfacing for real-time data retrieval as well as bulk data transfer

  • Data exposed as JSON, XML, generic Collections or Datasets

  • Streaming Data for building models using real-time market data

PriceHub Excel Add-In

MS Excel Add-In

PriceHub Excel Add-In serves as a powerful interface for building End User Computing Tools to query data stored within PriceHub database. In addition useful data transformation and conversion functions are also exposed via the interface.

The functionality exposed is available for use in VBA macros and in InCell Formulae in Excel WorkSheets.

  • Enables a single common data repository off which everyone operates

  • Intellisense for all the exposed functionality

  • Real-time data update and refresh

  • Eliminates need to Personal Data Silos

PriceHub Notification Service

Event Forwarding Service

PriceHub Notification Service facilitates broadcasting of Events and passing of Data seamlessly across different PriceHub Applications. The interface is based on open standards, allowing other compatible systems to also consume the notifications.

This is particularly useful in enabling real-time response in stand-alone applications.

  • Audience Segmentation and Role based push

  • Configurable Data Aggregation

  • Exposed as effective Monitoring Tool

  • In memory service or persistent database based service

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